HS-600 Information Sheet

  • HS-600 provides a significantly longer service life than potassium hydroxide impregnated carbon.

Hydrosil HS-600 has 3.6 pounds of active ingredient as compared to 1.6 pounds of active ingredient (32 pounds per cubic foot times 5.0%). Mathematically, the service life of HS-600 is 125% greater.

  • HS-600 is effective on a border spectrum of gaseous pollutants.

Potassium permanganate used in the Hydrosil HS-600 production process chemically produces manganese dioxide (MnO2) and manganese tetraoxide (MnO4), in addition to potassium Hydroxide (KOH). Manganese dioxide/tetraoxide is effective in removing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine dioxide and mercaptans. These chemicals are not present in potassium hydroxide impregnated carbon. Typically corrosive pollution in a plant environment is caused by a broad group of chemicals and potassium hydroxide impregnated carbon is too focused to handle this broad spectrum.

  • HS-600 does not support combustion.

Potassium Hydroxide impregnated carbon will support combustion.

  • HS-600 provides a visual indicator when the media is spent.

The manganese dioxide/tetraoxide produces a purple color, which evolves to a dull brown as the media is spent. Testing is the only reliable way of knowing the remaining productive service life of the media. Visual indications are useful in prioritizing the need to test.

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