Hydrosil HS-600 Compared to

Potassium Hydroxide Impregnanted Carbon

  Hydrosil HS-600 Potassium Hydroxide Impregnated Carbon
Active Ingredient KMn04 • KOH
Substrate Zeolite Activated  Carbon
Cation Exchange Capacity Yes No
Dusting Insignificant Moderate
Attrition Insignificant Moderate
Hardness of Substrate Hard Soft
Erosion in Air Stream Insignificant Low
Particle Size 1I8" to 1I4" 1I16" to 1I4"
Flammability No Yes
Bulk Density 60 #'s/ft3 32 #'s/ft3
% of Active Ingredient  6.0% 5.0%
#'s of Active Ingredient(1.00 cubic foot) 3.6#'s (Mn04/KOH/Mn02) 1.6 #'s( - /KOHI - )
Moisture Content 12 to 15% Not less than 12%
Disposal Cost Same Same
Possible Combustion During   Startup None Yes
Color Indicator When Spent Yes None

* Chemically KMn04   produces three ingredients:  Mn04, KOH, and Mn02

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