Hydrosil HS-CL Compared to Activated Alumina Products Impregnated with Sodium Thiosulfate

  Hydrosil HS-CL Activated Alumina
Active Ingredient Sodium Thisosulfate Sodium Thisosulfate
Substrate Zeolite Sodium Thisosulfate
Cation Exchnage Capacity Yes No
Dusting Insignificant  Moderate
Attrition Insignificant  Moderate
Hardness of Subtrate  Hard Soft
Erosion In Air Stream Insignificant  Moderate
Particle Size 1/8" to 1/4" l/16" to 1I4"
Flammability No No
Bulk Density  60 #'s/ft3 50 #'s/ft3
% of Active Ingredient * 4.04% 2.11%
#'s of Active Ingredient (1.0 cubic foot) 2.42 #'s 1.10 #'s
Moisture Content Average 15% Up to 30%
Disposal Cost Same Same
Handling Cost Same, but no dust  Same, with dust


* As tested by independent analysis


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