Industries currently utilizing gas/liquid filter media

Industries currently utilizing gas/liquid filter media or systems are as follows:

Pulp and Paper Mills; control of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxides, mercaptans, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and other compounds
Refineries; control of organic and inorganic pollutants
Chemical Plants; same as refineries
Waste Water Treatment Facilities; removal of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxide, mercaptans, skatole and indole
Water Treatment Facilities; bulk systems for chlorine emergency off gas systems
Steel and Related Metal/Alloy Producers; variety of pollutants are removed and/or controlled
Shippers; minimizing exposure of fruits, vegetables and flowers to ethylene (natures ripening agent)
Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens; removal of acrolein odors
Airports and Heliports; eliminating jet and de-icing fumes from concourses and tarmac
Museums; protecting treasures and valuables from various pollutants
Various Other Municipal and Commercial Entities; variety of pollutants unique to their operation are minimized, controlled or eliminated

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