HS 200


Hydrosil HS-200 Compared to Organophilic Clays

Organophilic Clays Hydrosil HS-200 Blended 
Active Ingredient Quaternary Amine Quaternary Amine
Substrate Zeolite Clay
Cation Exchange Capacity Yes No
Active Media by Volume  100%  30%
Bulk Density 58#'s/ft3 53.0#'s/ft3
#'s of Active Media (1.0 cubic foot) 58#'s 21.5#'s
Disposal Cost  Same Same



Hydrosil impregnates zeolite with a 4.1% quaternary amine solution. We call this product HS-200.

Our competitors use clay as an alternative to zeolite, presumably for swelling and economic considerations. Anthracite coal is included our competitors relationship of coal/clay amine is 70/30.

Hydrosil HS-200 does not swell and it has 333 % more active product per cubic yard than that of blended organophilic clays.

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