Air / Gas Filtration and Remediation


Gas Phase Resistance to Air FlowHS-600,
KMnO4 6% Potassium Permanganate Impregnated Media

Acid Gases, Vinyl Chloride, H2S, Sulfur compounds, chlorinated solvents

  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Post SVE units (VC, DCE, PCE, TCE)
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Post Activated Carbon Absorbers

Sodium Thiosulfate impregnated media (No Chance of Bed Fire)

Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Bromide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide

  • Chemical Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Emergency Scrubbing systems

Phosphoric Acid impregnated media (No Chance of Bed Fire)

Ammonia or ammonium

  • Chemical Plants
  • Tank Cleaning

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