• HS-250

    Media to remove oil, heavy metals, and similar organics from water.

  • HS-300

    Media to remove anionic compounds including phosphates and nitrates.

  • HS-600

    The number one method for removing acid gasses and other VOC’s.

  • HS-CL

    Hydrosil HS-CL is used to remove chlorine or chlorine dioxide from air streams.

  • XB-17

    50/50 blend by volume of HS-600 and activated carbon. Various pollutant systems require both HS-600 and activated carbon for effective removal.



Water Filtration Media

Water Filtration and Remediation Media is our specialty. Our highly trained staff will work closely with you to create the best possible solution to your Waste Water difficulties. We produce the highest quality products that will provide you with the ability to reduce pollutants in your waste water. Call us! We can help.

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Hydrosil International Limited is a leading producer of Odor, Corrosion and Water control media. Our business is to help you solve your pollutant problems. We will work with you to identify the best possible solution to the problem. We will provide you with the highest quality products to remedy the problem in a timely, professional and economical way. We look forward to serving you and your customers.

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Water Filtration Media

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Air Filtration Media

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