Air Filtration Media for gases

HS-600 SDS


6% Potassium Permanganate Impregnated Media

The number one method for removing acid gasses and other airborne pollutants.

The Oxidation Heavyweight Hydrosil International Ltd. introduces a major breakthrough in oxidation of acid gases, fumes and odors. HS-600, a unique molecular sieve impregnated with potassium permanganate, was created in our laboratories to oxidize gaseous pollutants such as:

  • hydrogen sulfide
  • sulfur dioxide
  • formaldehyde
  • ethylene
  • mercaptans, and
  • various aldehydes and alcohols.

Effective in air dryers, scrubber tanks, compressor tanks, exhaust systems, computer rooms, general HVAC applications, and fresh fruit, vegetable and flower storage & transportation, HS-600 oxidizes contaminants more efficiently and offers longer service life than competitive products.

HS-600 Provides 50% to 100% longer service life than Activated Alumina product.

  1. HS-600 media is impregnated with 6.0% of the active ingredient potassium permanganate versus 4.0% for the activated alumina products (50% more). Hydrosil is produced at 6.0% potassium permanganate impregnated media for two simple reasons:

    • Our customers like the increased media life and value of HS-600.
    • The zeolite substrate efficiently accepts a 6.0% impregnation with the appropriate production process that we use.
  2. HS-600 has a density of 60 pounds per cubic foot versus 50 pounds per cubic foot for activated alumina. When the media is placed in a scrubber/filter (or any fixed space) there are less open spaces or voids, approximately 20% less. The concept is simple, round activated alumina rests like marbles in a jar while HS-600 nestles, filling the majority of the voids. Pollutant air is filtered more efficiently when void spaces are minimized. An insignificant increase in static pressure across the media bed is offset by reduced dust from HS-600 versus activated alumina product.

Zeolite used in HS-600 offers:

  • 80% greater service life
  • 2,500 pounds per square inch crush strength
  • substantially less dust
  • improved air quality
  • less frequent final filter replacement costs
  • and reduced net static air pressure.

In summary, HS-600 density of 60 pounds per cubic foot and 6.0% potassium permanganate impregnation results in 3.6 pounds per cubic foot of activated ingredient. Activated alumina products carry only 2.0 pounds per cubic foot (50 pounds per cubic foot times 4.0%). Activated alumina has characteristics similar to chalk. A simple on site test is to partially fill and shake a small container with HS-600 and activated alumina product. The result is clear.

Constituents have a 95%+ Reductions when treated with this media.

HS-600 SDS


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